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Our Services

We offer varieties of photography services for commercial purposes as well as personal events such as weddings, parties and functions. Currently, our photography services coverage encompasses Peninsular and West Malaysia whereas international services are available upon special arrangements. We are more than happy to serve all layers of customers both locally and overseas within our own capacity.

Details of charges and fees will be provided upon request thus feel free to contact us for further inquiries. Photography charges are subject to the number of images requested, number of photographer arranged and other technical requirements. We provide comprehensive breakdown of the charges and there is always room for negotiation.

The denominated currency for the photography services is in Malaysian Ringgit (“MYR”). Please do not hesitate to contact us now to look out your photography needs.

Our services comprised:
1. Architecture Photography: Advertising, Catalogue, Hotel Brochure, Company Profile.
2. Event Photography: Events, Birthday Party, Company Dinner, Wedding Dinner / Reception.
2. Fashion Photography: Magazine, Advertising, Catalogue.
3. Food Photography: Restaurant Menu, Signage Brochure, Advertising.
4. Industrial Photography: Advertising, Catalogue, Company Profile, Image Bank.
5. Product Photography: Product Brochure, Advertising.

All photography services are governed under Photo 2 Buzz’s Standard Terms and Conditions.
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